Getting Started

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minidsp-rs is an alternative control software for certain MiniDSP products. It exposes most/all of the available configuration parameters in a command line package, with an optional HTTP API in order to integrate with custom DIY audio projects. It can run on a variety of systems with a minimal memory footprint.


Pre-built packages and binaries are available in the project's releases section.

Debian (.deb) packages are available for:

  • armhf: Tested on raspbian (Raspberry PI, including the rpi0)
  • x86_64 Debian / Ubuntu variants

Single binary builds are also provided for common operating systems:

  • Linux: minidsp.x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz
  • MacOS: minidsp.x86_64-apple-darwin.tar.gz
  • Windows:

Useful commands

# Set input source to toslink
minidsp source toslink

# Set master volume to -30dB
minidsp gain -- -30

# Activate the 2nd configuration setting (indexing starts at 0)
minidsp config 1

Building from source

If you don't have rust setup, the quickest way to get started is with rustup. This is preferred over install rust via your distro's package manager because these are often out of date and will have issues compiling recent code.

cargo build --release --bin minidsp
# The binary will then available as target/release/minidsp

# If you want to build a debian package
cargo install cargo-deb
cargo deb
# Then look under target/debian/