Supported devices

Depending on the device, two levels of support are available. Basic Support devices support a limited subset of features that are common across devices, whereas Full Support devices can be completely controlled.

This software can also control these devices if they are connected to a WI-DG.

Full support

These devices support the full feature set (input, output, routing, peqs, etc.)


  • miniDSP 2x4HD
  • miniDSP Flex
  • DDRC-24
  • DDRC-88A/D
  • miniSHARC series
  • miniDSP 2x8/8x8/4x10/10x10
  • nanoDIGI 2x8
  • SHD series
  • C-DSP 8x12

Basic support

For these devices, only the following settings can be changed:

  • Master Gain
  • Master Mute
  • Input Source
  • Active Configuration Presets
  • Dirac Live Status


  • C-DSP 6x8
  • nanoSHARC series
  • OpenDRC series
  • nanoAVR HD/HDA

Adding support for new devices

If you have a device that is on the Basic Support tier, you can help adding support by inspecting the commands sent by the plugin application.

TODO: Add guide for adding new devices