Compat TCP Server

This application provides a tcp server compatible with the official apps by forwarding USB HID frames over a TCP connection. Since they operate at the frame level, they do not require the device type to be supported in order to work with the existing applications.

Multiple devices

When working with multiple devices, it's necessary to bind to different ip addresses because the official apps do not support specifying a port number in the address field.

Multiple [[tcp_server]] blocks can be defined, the device_serial option can be used to map each server to a specific device. If you'd rather trust the order at which USB devices are found, then device_index can be set to the 0-based index.

Certain minidsp apps can discover devices on the local network, enabling the advertise option makes these apps find this server instance. Note that to keep OS-specific details to a minimum, the ip address of the server needs to be included in the advertisement config.

advertise = { ip = "", name="Living Room Pi" }


bind_address = ""
# Replace the previous line by this one in order to 
# use the plugin app from another machine
# bind_address = ""

# If multiple minidsp devices are used, the following options 
# can be used to expose multiple plugin-compatible 
# servers for each devices.
# device_index = 0 # Use the first device available
# device_serial = 912345 # Use the device with this serial number

# Advertise the following address for the official minidsp mobile app
# advertise = { ip = "", name="Living Room Pi" }