output [channel] peq

Importing filters from Room Eq Wizard (REW)

The minidsp output n peq and minidsp input n peq commands both support importing from a REW-formatted file. If there are less filters on the device, the remaining PEQs will be cleared.

Here is how you would import a series of biquad filter to output channel 3:

$ minidsp output 3 peq all import filename.txt
PEQ 0: Applied imported filter: biquad1
PEQ 1: Applied imported filter: biquad2
PEQ 2: Applied imported filter: biquad3

If you were to select a single peq, only one filter would have been imported:

$ minidsp output 3 peq 1 import filename.txt
PEQ 0: Applied imported filter: biquad1
Warning: Some filters were not imported because they didn't fit (try using `all`)


$ minidsp output 0 peq --help

Control the parametric equalizer

    minidsp output <OUTPUT_INDEX> peq <INDEX> <SUBCOMMAND>

    <INDEX>    Parametric EQ index (all | <id>) (0 to 9 inclusively)

    -h, --help    Print help information

    bypass    Sets the bypass toggle
    clear     Sets all coefficients back to their default values and un-bypass them
    help      Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    import    Imports the coefficients from the given file
    set       Set coefficients