output [channel] peq

Importing filters from Room Eq Wizard (REW)

The minidsp output n peq and minidsp input n peq commands both support importing from a REW-formatted file. If there are less filters on the device, the remaining PEQs will be cleared.

When using the import subcommand, any imported PEQs automatically unbypassed.

Here is how you would import a series of biquad filter to output channel 3:

$ minidsp output 3 peq all import filename.txt
PEQ 0: Applied imported filter: biquad1
PEQ 1: Applied imported filter: biquad2
PEQ 2: Applied imported filter: biquad3

If you were to select a single peq, only one filter would have been imported:

$ minidsp output 3 peq 1 import filename.txt
PEQ 0: Applied imported filter: biquad1
Warning: Some filters were not imported because they didn't fit (try using `all`)


$ minidsp output 0 peq --help
Control the parametric equalizer

Usage: minidsp output <OUTPUT_INDEX> peq <INDEX> <COMMAND>

  set     Set coefficients
  bypass  Sets the bypass toggle
  clear   Sets all coefficients back to their default values and un-bypass them
  import  Imports the coefficients from the given file
  help    Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  <INDEX>  Parametric EQ index (all | <id>) (0 to 9 inclusively)

  -h, --help  Print help information