inputs [channel] routing [output channel]

Each output matrix entry has to be enabled in order for audio to be routed. The gain can then be set (in dB) for each entry.

Input and output indices always start at 0.


Route input channel 0 to output channel 0, boost gain by 6dB

minidsp input 0 routing 0 enable on
minidsp input 0 routing 0 gain 6


$ minidsp input 0 routing --help
Controls signal routing from this input

Usage: minidsp input <INPUT_INDEX> routing <OUTPUT_INDEX> <COMMAND>

  enable  Controls whether the output matrix for this input is enabled for the given output index
  help    Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  <OUTPUT_INDEX>  Index of the output channel starting at 0

  -h, --help  Print help information