input [channel] peq

The peq commands supports broadcasting an operation on multiple peqs. If specifying an index, the command will only affect a single filter.

When using the import subcommand, any imported PEQs automatically unbypassed.


Bypass the first peq

minidsp input 0 peq 0 bypass on

Bypass all peqs

minidsp input 0 peq all bypass on

Importing filters should use the all target if the unused filter should also be cleared.

minidsp input 0 peq all import ./file.txt


$ minidsp input 0 peq --help
Control the parametric equalizer

Usage: minidsp input <INPUT_INDEX> peq <INDEX> <COMMAND>

  set     Set coefficients
  bypass  Sets the bypass toggle
  clear   Sets all coefficients back to their default values and un-bypass them
  import  Imports the coefficients from the given file
  help    Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  <INDEX>  Parametric EQ index (all | <id>) (0 to 9 inclusively)

  -h, --help  Print help information